A unforgettable mistake

A mistake that needs never to take place is playing the wrong mixes and songs at a party. This can lead to the downfall of a party and it’s promoters and tarnish the credibility of the Dj.


A party hosted by the Flex production Saturday night was an unexpected turn of events for both the party guests and the promoters. DJ Babybenke played songs and mixes that were unfamiliar to the party goers  turning a party that was presumably meant to be lit turned out to be one of the worst parties in The Flex Production  era. As the party began many people showed up but as the DJ kept on playing his mixes it was very that the party itself was in serious trouble. Many showed and many left.


Prior to performing for a party the DJ must do research on the area he is performing for. Knowing your surroundings is very important when figuring what songs are best to play at the party. Flex production will continue to throw parties and will have to regain its’ original status as the best party promoters in the city of Rexburg. But as for the DJ his reputation is tarnished for now but he will still get the chance to redeem himself.


This is not only the fault of the DJ but the fault of the promoters for not deeply looking into the DJ’s background and the style of music he plays. Looks can be deceiving.

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Producer Makes (And How To Avoid Them)



Never Give Up!

Never Give Up! “if you want something go and get it”.  A good producer will give effort into crafting his work but a great producer will spend countless hours making sure that the loops, the samples, the BPM, the sound all matches and sounds amazing. No one ever said anything would come easy to you. Music Production is an art, to those who want to pursue this as a career, just know that pursue of art as a career is not looked at as a stable job. But if you love what you do and you feel that you can make a difference in today society by the music you create and you work hard to achieve your goal then nothing and no ones opinion should matter at any point of time.

They said it about an actor ” you’ll get no where with this” but look at Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington was homeless at a time but that never stopped him from pursuing what he believed in. The society we live in has a growing problem and that is judging others on their choice of career labeling them once their plan fails. Music Production is looked as a job that is meant for those that didn’t give the effort of going to college and pursuing a  degree that society sees as exceptional but that should never be the case. You love to produce and want to make a career out it, then go get it and let no one tell you otherwise.

Will Smith will tell you a little bit more about fighting for what you believe in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfWGoLj1JCM

How to get yourself noticed

You love to make music, beats, simply producing and you want to take it to the next level and you don’t know how to do it. It’s a simple process but can be very difficult to fulfill.

A  simple step to getting yourself noticed is to first create your work and once you create your work and you feel that what you just created was fire! Have someone around you, a close friend a relative, have them listen to what you created. Since you are creating art, just because you fall involve with your first piece doesn’t mean that others will, so get someone to listen to it and depending on how they feel about it, have someone else listen to it (Don’t trust your first critique). Once you are confident enough to put your work out their, go for it.

Another step is knowing the right source to help you work get noticed. A lot of Producers today are using a website called Soundcloud. Soundcloud is used by many rappers and Producers to get their work in the internet for free and to hopefully gain fans. That is you main objective, to make sure that your work is liked by as many people as possible. This is only part of the first step to getting yourself noticed. A good producer has to go out and make himself known and connect with as many people as possible. It’s not just music, its business.

My man serious beats is going to give you a little bit more insight on how he got his work to be so popular on Soundcloud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=985YTvIeVb8

A Dj is not a producer and a Producer is not a DJ

This is what usually trips up a lot of people, the difference between a DJ and a Producer. It is a common mistake and easy to think that both are the same because both individuals present us the music that we love to here but a DJ does not create the music, he mixes it.

A DJ plays and mixes his music. He uses effects and looping and other effects to change the structure of his track but these guys are not creating their music as they play in a club or a concert. Having said that a DJ may create his own music but that is not his main job.

A producer is the one who goes in depth and acts on his actual role and that is to create the music. A Producers tool is not a mixing board but the studio.  A producer will spend hours and hours creating his own music using a Digital Audio workstation (DAW) which a electronic device or computer software application for recording, editing and producing. Which is just a magical machine and if you haven’t seen it before, the first time you look at it, you would think that it is spaceship controller. The DAW is a producer’s wife when they are in the studio, all attention goes to it.

This is something that I used to be confused about as well. And the confusion lies in between the producer’s and DJ’s and that is that is because many producers are DJ’s and many DJ’s are producers. So the next time you think of this topic just know that a producer and a DJ both present the music but the other is the creator.

The DJ podcast also agrees with me:http://thedjpodcast.com/articles/difference-dj-producer/