A Dj is not a producer and a Producer is not a DJ

This is what usually trips up a lot of people, the difference between a DJ and a Producer. It is a common mistake and easy to think that both are the same because both individuals present us the music that we love to here but a DJ does not create the music, he mixes it.

A DJ plays and mixes his music. He uses effects and looping and other effects to change the structure of his track but these guys are not creating their music as they play in a club or a concert. Having said that a DJ may create his own music but that is not his main job.

A producer is the one who goes in depth and acts on his actual role and that is to create the music. A Producers tool is not a mixing board but the studio.  A producer will spend hours and hours creating his own music using a Digital Audio workstation (DAW) which a electronic device or computer software application for recording, editing and producing. Which is just a magical machine and if you haven’t seen it before, the first time you look at it, you would think that it is spaceship controller. The DAW is a producer’s wife when they are in the studio, all attention goes to it.

This is something that I used to be confused about as well. And the confusion lies in between the producer’s and DJ’s and that is that is because many producers are DJ’s and many DJ’s are producers. So the next time you think of this topic just know that a producer and a DJ both present the music but the other is the creator.

The DJ podcast also agrees with me:http://thedjpodcast.com/articles/difference-dj-producer/


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