A unforgettable mistake

A mistake that needs never to take place is playing the wrong mixes and songs at a party. This can lead to the downfall of a party and it’s promoters and tarnish the credibility of the Dj.


A party hosted by the Flex production Saturday night was an unexpected turn of events for both the party guests and the promoters. DJ Babybenke played songs and mixes that were unfamiliar to the party goers  turning a party that was presumably meant to be lit turned out to be one of the worst parties in The Flex Production  era. As the party began many people showed up but as the DJ kept on playing his mixes it was very that the party itself was in serious trouble. Many showed and many left.


Prior to performing for a party the DJ must do research on the area he is performing for. Knowing your surroundings is very important when figuring what songs are best to play at the party. Flex production will continue to throw parties and will have to regain its’ original status as the best party promoters in the city of Rexburg. But as for the DJ his reputation is tarnished for now but he will still get the chance to redeem himself.


This is not only the fault of the DJ but the fault of the promoters for not deeply looking into the DJ’s background and the style of music he plays. Looks can be deceiving.

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Producer Makes (And How To Avoid Them)



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